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Buffalo Black Soup Kettle


Product Description

Expand your menu with the highly reliable Buffalo soup kettle. Able to accommodate up to 10 litres of high-margin soup, chilli, curry, mulled wine, Bolognese and much more, the soup kettle offers an attractive and compact front-of-house merchandising solution. Designed to keep food warm, the kettle uses bain-marie style wet heat to gently heat food without the risk of burning or drying out. Perfect for mobile catering businesses, busy restaurant kitchens, sporting venues, village halls and more.

Do Buffalo Soup Kettles cook food from cold?
It's important to remember soup kettles are servery units, not cooking machines - that's why they are sometimes called soup warmers. For food safety, it's not recommended to try to cook or reheat food in a soup kettle, unless they specifically include this feature. Buffalo soup kettles are designed only to keep pre-cooked foods hot and ready to serve.

How do Buffalo soup kettles work?
Much like a bain marie, Buffalo soup kettles work by gently heating a well of water. This in turn warms an internal stainless steel pot where the food is stored. The wet heat bain-marie style heating helps to prevent food drying out or burning. It's worth mentioning that once service is over, you'll need to drain the kettle. Instructions and cleaning are available in the user manual.

Does the Buffalo soup kettle reach boiling temperature?
Unless specifically designed to cook food, most soup kettles don't reach boiling point. The Buffalo soup kettle is the same. If the internal temperature gets that hot, the thermal safety cut-out will activate, preventing damage to both the food and the warmer. Once cooled to a safe level, the soup kettle will automatically begin warming again.

Product features

  • Capacity 10Ltr
  • Dimensions 360(H) x 345(Ø)mm
  • Finish - external Black finish
  • Power Type 400W, 220 - 240V, 2A
  • Temperature Range 35°C to 95°C
  • Voltage 230V
  • Weight 4.3kg
  • Colour Black
  • Gentle wet heat operation prevents food burning
  • Removable inner pot makes cleaning quick and easy
  • Includes label pack to display contents (curry, chilli, soup, beans etc)
  • Maximum temperature: 98°
  • Simple dial temperature control
  • Portable - ideal for mobile catering

Warranty Information

Warranty 1 year