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Zanolli Citizen Electric Pizza Oven

Citizen 6F

Product Description

A range of high quality, heavy duty electric pizza ovens.

Single, double and three tier options available

  • Built entirely from stainless steel. Armour plated elements are powered up near to the door to compensate for heat loss and ensure even heat dispersion.
  • Baking floor is made from thick, heat absorbent, refractory stone which is suitable to bake with either pans or directly on the sole.
  • Spring mounted doors for easy access are equipped with heat resistant handles and a large viewing window, combined with internal lights to help monitor cooking.
  • Single deck ovens can be fitted with a single phase supply on request, no extra charge.
  • Heavy duty stands and prover cabinets are available to mount these ovens on- both with wheels.
  • A decorative hood with a draft chimney is also available.
  • Twin deck ovens are built as standard with a 3 phase power supply, although there is the option to have two separate supplies- one for each deck, in order to run on single phase.
  • In the twin deck models, completely independent decks are controlled by an electric thermostat and variable top and bottom heat controls.
  • A three deck oven can be assembled using one twin deck and one single modular deck oven.
  • Dimensions:
    Single Deck - 142x103x43
    Twin Deck - 107x138x78
    Triple Deck - 142x138x78

Warranty Information

12 Months