The Importance of Equipment Maintenance!

A recent visit to a customers problematic dishwasher found the fault down to scale in the Dishwasher – the build up was so bad that the unit was not working any where near its potential and the customer was worried that perhaps expensive parts would be required to fix.

A visit by one of our fully trained engineers who, after assessing the unit, completed a descale and generally checked it over – leaving the unit running 100% the customer was happy the issue was resolved quite simply.

Always make sure you maintain your dishwasher and glasswasher, clean every day and (dependant on your unit, detergent usage and water type) complete a descale regularly, this will improve efficiency, energy & water consumption, and benefit your business with long-standing service.

Here at Border Food Machinery our manufacturer trained engineers can maintain and service all your commercial catering equipment – from a dishwasher to a coffee machine, a gas oven to an electric griddle and a large combi oven to a small table top fryer – our engineers have the knowledge to help you look after your equipment.

Whether it be a small village hall, a large community centre, a busy hotel, care home or sandwich shop – we can help – Call us on 01228 534996 to book an engineer visit or email us on with a list of equipment you would like serviced and we can get a quote to you – let us help keep your equipment in tip tip condition!